Thursday, August 11, 2016

Research Assistant, East Asia Program, for Recent Grad

This position is designed to support research projects through both research, analysis and administration of project activities in the Stimson Center's East Asia-China Program and East Asia-Japan Program.
Stimson's China Program focuses on the issues such as: cross-Taiwan Strait relations, US-Taiwan relations, US-China relations, and China's foreign policy. The program closely monitors political, security and economic developments in China and Taiwan to understand behaviors of major parties involved as well as the dynamic between the two sides of the Strait. It also closely follows US policy toward China and Taiwan.  The program's research looks to elucidate the issues and make policy recommendations for not only the United States, but also the two cross-Strait players. The program also examines China's foreign policy towards its neighboring countries, particularly exploring ways in which China and the United States can cooperate on conflict issues in Myanmar and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
Stimson's Japan Program focuses on researching the issues relevant to US-Japan alliance, Japan's foreign and security policies, as well as Japan's domestic political developments. The program also strives to facilitate intellectual exchanges between the two country's government officials and academics through conducting collaborative research programs. The program also hosts a number of events, both public and closed, to improve understanding of the policy developments in Japan. 
Essential Functions
  • Assist in implementing the research projects that advance knowledge, debate and policy-making in Asian security; conduct project-related research using diverse sources
  • Evaluate and suggest new areas or components to research that advance the goals and objectives of the project
  • Participate in project strategic planning
  • Monitor developments in key strategic trends in the East Asia, US strategy toward the East Asia, US-China relations, US-Taiwan relations, US-Japan relations, East Asia-China's security and defense policy, and East Asia-China's domestic politics, and Japan's domestic politics
  • Summarize meeting notes, action items, and/or decisions
  • Manage logistics for meetings, press conferences, seminars and other special events
  • Act as liaison to project committees and external audiences as assigned
  • Maintain project web-site and listserv
  • Proofread and copy-edit project publications
  • Upon consultation with Senior Associates, develop and author original research and written materials including occasional papers, commentaries, reports, articles and issue briefs to disseminate research findings
  • Identify and evaluate ways in which the project can better utilize technical resources for outreach and information gathering
  • Assist with prospective funder research and preparation of funding proposals and follow-up reports
  • Manage interns and visiting fellows as needed
The above specified tasks may not be the only duties assigned. Employees will be required to carry out any other job-related instructions requested by their supervisor, subject to reasonable accommodations.
Education and Experience Required: Bachelor's Degree in related field; 1 year relevant experience or equivalent education and experience; strong writing and copy-editing skills; excellent research, analytical, and writing skills; attention to detail and commitment to high quality work; record of academic excellence; an ability to work independently.
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