Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Connect Tonight with Mexico City from the Clarice!

The UMD Portal launched Friday, September 9 and is currently installed in front of The Clarice (photo at left!). 

The following time slots are available in the Portal tonight, 9/20. All times connect to Mexico City:
  • 6:30PM
  • 6:50PM
  • 7:10PM
  • 7:30PM
  • 7:50PM
  • 8:10PM
Anyone can sign up for these time slots (and any future time slots) here on this online calendar: https://www.flexbooker.com/widget/f7124770-ff57-4256-981f-f4839add4abb
 Other locations will be available in October.
The Portal is here for you! locations#/umd/