Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Foreign Service Consular Fellow, Spanish Positions for Recent Grads


  • MANY vacancies - Washington DC
Work Schedule is Full-Time - Limited Non-Career Appointment (LNA), which is restricted by statute to a maximum of five years.
Closes Tuesday 9/27/2016
  • Salary Range: $39,558.00 to $64,983.00 / Per Year
  • Series & Grade: FP-1040-06/06
  • Applicants for LNA positions must be available for posts world-wide and must speak/read Spanish at the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Speaking 2/Reading 2 level. 


    Basic duties may include the following:

    Obtaining information relevant to provision of consular services by interviewing individuals, reviewing on-line applicants' visa or passport application history, reviewing name searches for visa and passport applicants, and verifying information as necessary provided by applicants.

    Processing visas or passport applications, including reviewing visa and passport issuance, report of birth, and other controlled records and supplies, determining and verifying required clearances prior to issuing visas or passports; and preparing visa revocations, security advisory opinions, and advisory opinions.

    Making and reviewing decisions about visa or passport applications including adjudicating visa or passport applications by reviewing cases and applying relevant USG law, regulations, precedent, and relevant agreements, and cooperating with other agencies in applying laws and regulations related to visa applications.

    Interacting with those applying for consular services, including explaining entry procedures to persons, dealing fairly but compassionately with all clients, including applicants refused visas, and communicating appropriately with visa applicants, their attorneys or congressional staff.

    Investigating potentially fraudulent activities or claims, coordinating and cooperating with other agencies to prevent entry of ineligible aliens into the U.S., developing working relationships with appropriate in-country officials for the purpose of sharing and verifying information, providing documentation of consular decisions.

    Using computers including Microsoft Office applications for word processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), e-mail (Outlook), and presentations (Power Point), and specialized consular computer systems.

    Preparing written materials, such as memos and status reports, as requested.

    Communicating with and assisting Department of State colleagues, e.g., assisting colleagues on projects, serving rotationally as duty officer, attending meetings, and providing information on Consular activities and services as appropriate.

    Managing Sensitive and/or Classified Information.

    Other responsibilities may include:

    Sharing day-to-day oversight of Locally Employed Staff and/or Eligible Family Member employees.

    Doing outreach, proactively representing the U.S. and U.S. policies abroad.

    Participating on boards, committees, and task forces.

    Interacting with foreign government officials.

    Communicating with non-government groups.

    Monitoring and reporting on developments of interest to the U.S. government.

    Evaluating policies and procedures.

    Assisting with other consular activities, including American Citizen Services, e.g., helping U.S. citizens, as necessary.
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