Monday, September 19, 2016

Interested in State and Local Politics? Get Credit for your Internship!

CAPC Internship Program Spring 2017
(GVPT 388W/GVPT386)

The Center for American Politics and Citizenship enables students to work in local, state, regional, and national political or policy institutions and receive college credit. Students are expected to work 9 - 20 hours per week over the semester and attend a weekly seminar in order to complete the program. Students can earn a total of six or nine credits for the internship seminar.

The required seminar (GVPT388W) comprises three of the total internship credits, is graded on a regular basis, and counts as an upper-level GVPT course for the major requirements. The seminar is an introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of policymaking, consisting of issues related to state and federal level policy problems and solutions. While the course content may change each semester, students should be assured that the seminar will supplement and enhance their internship experience.

The on-site work or practicum (GVPT386) fills the remaining three or six internship credits (students must work between 9-17 hours a week for the semester for 3 credits or between 18-20 hours a week for the semester for 6 credits) and is graded on a satisfactory/fail basis. The practicum does not count toward GVPT requirements but will be counted towards the total 120 credits needed for graduation. The priority deadline for the application is October 1st and the final deadline is October 21st. More information and the application can be found here