Thursday, September 15, 2016

Paid Fall Partnership and Philanthropic Policy Research and Development Internship with the National Park Service!

The National Park Service (NPS) Office of Partnerships and Philanthropic Stewardship (Partnership Office) is searching for an undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in an opportunity to participate in partnership and philanthropy policy research, re-visioning, and outreach while gaining hands on learning and leadership experience.        

 The mission of the National Park Service is "… to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations" (National Park Service Organic Act, 1916).

The NPS strives to fulfill its mission and encourage greater citizen engagement in national park programs and activities by partnering with educational institutions, organizations, businesses, and federal, state, tribal and local agencies.  The Partnership Office helps the NPS and its partners create, enhance, and recognize their collaborative work through training, communication, and policy leadership. 

Responsibilities Include:  

  • Provide research, administrative, and analytical support for employees engaged in the re-visioning and rewriting of National Park Service policy documents related to fundraising, donations, and intellectual property.  
  • Provide research and writing assistance in the development of a Resource Manual on Partnerships and Philanthropy.  The manual will provide guidance to employees and partners on how to carry out work related to establishing and managing partner relationships and planning for, accepting, and receiving philanthropic donations (support and background information will be provided).    
  • Provide assistance in formatting and designing the Resource Manual.  Develop a template design that incorporates visuals that help guide employees and partners in their work.  
  • Strategize and outline a plan and methods to communicate policy changes to a wide range of stakeholders, including governmental and non-governmental employees and partners.  Duties may include creating visual products to communicate the progress, goals, and outcomes of policy re-visioning work, including PowerPoint presentations and posters.
  • Vet potential and current donors – both corporate and nonprofit organizations, using research gathered from online library databases and government databases.
  • Conduct research on applicable laws, regulations and policies related to partnerships and philanthropy.
  • Conduct research and provide assistance in the development of new programmatic practices and policies to align with NPS goals pertaining to cause related marketing, co-branding, and brand alignment between the NPS and corporate and non-profit entities.   
  • Document findings and recommendations in written summaries, briefings and/or white papers.  Communicate findings and share recommendations with fellow employees. 


This internship is designed for current undergraduate or graduate students who have a strong interest in, or are seeking a degree in, government and politics, public policy, policy research and development, public-private partnerships, or related areas and will not graduate before December 2016.

This position requires:
  • Knowledge or experience in partnership and philanthropic policy.
  • Strong communication skills; oral and written.
  • Skills in policy research, analysis, and formulation.
  • Experience in utilizing design/desktop publishing software such as in-design, photo-shop, illustrator, and/or other programs.
  • Ability to express findings in well researched documents, white papers, and briefings. 
  • Experience using online library databases to conduct research on various companies and nonprofit organizations.

Candidates should possess excellent organizational and interpersonal skills; have strong attention to detail, and an ability to prioritize and complete multiple assignments.

Work Location:

The Partnership Office is located in the NPS Washington Support Office at 1201 I Street NW, Washington DC 20005.  The two closest metro stations are Metro Center and McPherson.  Bus transportation is also conveniently located in close proximity to the office.

Work Schedules and Pay:

This part time (24 hours per week preferred, minimum 16 hours per week) internship will begin as soon as possible and continue until the end of the fall semester, with the possibility of extension.  Interns will be paid $14.00 per hour. 

 Application Procedures:

To apply, please submit an electronic cover letter, resume, contact information for two professional and/or educational references, and a one-page writing sample to Kathryn Hopps, Program Director for Experiential Learning, at  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  The deadline has been extended to September 29. For best consideration, apply as soon as possible.

For additional information about this position, please phone or email Jackie Dostourian, NPS Washington Partnership Office, at 202-354-2182 or