Monday, September 19, 2016

Terps Mean Business! Learn More Smith Business Minors

The Smith minor program is a major reason why the business school is such a unique academic establishment. While other highly acclaimed undergraduate business programs subscribe to an exclusive culture, Smith allows students from any school on campus to learn core business principles as a compliment to their primary major. Smith minor programs do not subtract from the special experience Smith major students have, rather they open up the experience to other students who will inevitably benefit from developing a stronger business acumen for a successful career in any field. Whether you are a journalism student looking to gain management skills, or an engineer that is seeking entrepreneurial fundamentals, or even an art student that wants to combine their passion with marketing and advertising, Smith can help you take your skill set and talents to the next level. All of this comes as no surprise; it is just another extension of the Smith spirit, cultivating everyone’s inherent potential to achieve greatness through focused resources and networks.

To read more about the Smith minor program, click here.