Monday, September 5, 2016

The El-Hibri Foundation Announces Fall Internships and Three $5,000 Scholarships

Message below from Farhan Latif, President of the El-Hibri Foundation:

Dear Student Organizers,

We need you now more than ever.

This year has been a challenging one in our nation’s history, as prominent figures across the country work to incite fear, hate, and division.

Students like you are working to change that. If you are an organizer or activist, committed to social change, and are striving to stand up for what’s right -- we want you to apply for this scholarship. While most scholarships are geared toward academic success alone, we want to honor those who are trying to change the world and fit classes into their busy schedules.

We are now accepting applications for our annual El-Hibri Scholarships, for undergraduate or graduate student leaders who have demonstrated moral courage and a commitment to advancing American Muslim inclusion and understanding. We will offer three awards of $5,000 each. Please apply and pass this along. Click herefor more information about the scholarship application and eligibility requirements. The deadline to apply is October 2, 2016.

We hope you will also click here to take a look at our internship offerings at the El-Hibri Foundation in Washington, DC.

Farhan Latif