Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Connect with a Stranger in Rwanda, Afghanistan or Honduras Without Leaving Campus!

The UMD Portal schedule for the first two weeks of October is now live! We'll be connecting to Kigali, Rwanda; Herat, Afghanistan; and El Progreso, Honduras. 

Created by Shared_Studios, Portals is a global network of gold-painted shipping containers that are equipped with immersive audio and video technology. Upon entering, you come face-to-face with someone in another Portal and converse as if in the same room – live, full-body and with translation when needed. The experience has been described as “breathing the same air.”

The Portal’s unique ability to facilitate international yet profoundly personal experiences opens up a world of possibilities for UMD students who are looking to identify and understand the challenges faced by individuals across the globe – and to create sustainable solutions that address these challenges.

Enter the UMD Portal. Meet a stranger. Hear and understand their story. Share yours. To sign up for time in the UMD Portal, visit