Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spring Global Fairness Initiative Fellowship

The Global Fairness Initiative promotes a more equitable, sustainable approach to economic development for the world’s working poor by advancing fair wages, equal access to markets, and balanced public policy to generate opportunity and end the cycle of poverty. The GFI approach:
  • Engage multiple players – workers, employers, private enterprise and government – to find economic solutions and create economic opportunity.
  • Partner with locally established organizations to have the greatest impact and leave behind lasting results and institutions.
  • Leverage international networks of respected experts, political and social luminaries, trade and finance stakeholders, and business leaders to maximize the inputs and impacts of GFI initiatives.
The Sapin Fellowship is a four-month program offered each semester to students pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree from an accredited academic institution in the Washington, DC area.

The Sapin Fellowship creates an opportunity for engagement, networking, and training through direct and substantive work with GFI. Sapin Fellows spend an academic or summer semester working with GFI on issues and programs at the heart of economic access for the working poor. They participate on all levels with GFI staff and initiatives, and are exposed to the broader international development community in the Washington, DC area. Fellows will often complete a research study or project proposal to be developed with GFI staff.
Job Responsibilities
The Sapin Fellowship is a unique opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students to engage in the many different facets of work at a small international NGO. The Fellow’s responsibilities are divided into two main components: Program Administration, Support, and Development and Research and Deliverables. Typically, fellows’ time in the office will be divided equally between these two components.  The Sapin Fellowship includes, but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

Program Administration, Support, and Development
●       Assist in preparation of programmatic reports and updates
●       Assist with financial reporting for GFI programs
●       Track and analyze program specific monitoring and evaluation data
●       Assist with GFI website updates and maintenance
●       Assist in identification of new opportunities for funding, and preparation of necessary documents to pursue these opportunities
●       Assist in donor outreach and management
●       Draft communications materials for print and web
●       Support management of GFI mailing list
●       General administrative duties (less than 10% of time)

Research and Deliverables
●       Conduct research on topics relevant to GFI programs and initiatives
●       Produce a report or manage a project to address a need or gap identified by GFI staff.  This deliverable will be developed in conjunction with GFI staff and, in certain cases, may be determined prior to the start of the fellowship.  Applicants may inquire about projects that also satisfy capstone or thesis requirements for their degree program.


Fellows must be attending an accredited secondary institution and work a minimum of 18 hours per week. Fellows should be able to demonstrate a range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences suited to work with GFI, our partners, and our beneficiaries.
●       Residence in the Washington, DC metro area for the duration of the internship
●       Have, or be working toward, a Bachelors or Master’s degree, preferably in a related field (international relations/development, communications, economics, political science, etc.)
●       Experience conducting research and writing in a professional setting
●       Working knowledge of international development issues and practices
●       Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite
●       Knowledge of new media and online content management (preferred)
●       Available to work a minimum of 18 hours per week at GFI office in Dupont Circle Area

Application instructions

Please send a CV, cover letter, and statement of interest to to apply for a Sapin Fellowship. The statement of interest should be a short description of your interest in the Sapin Fellowship program and what you hope to get out of your time working with GFI. To speak to staff about openings and availabilities please call 202-898-9022 or email
DEADLINE: Application for the Sapin Fellowship is on a rolling basis. The deadline for submitting an application is November 17, 2016. Expected start date is early January 2017.