Monday, October 31, 2016

Tech + X Events Leading up to Technica 2016!

Check out the FREE events listed below, leading to Technica, an all-women hackathon. The Tech + X events below are open to all majors (and not just women)!

Two in particular that may be of interest to BSOS students are Wednesday's Policy event (with a staffer from The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy) and Thursday's Social Entrepreneurship event, hosted with Dingman. Schedule here:

Monday: Introducing Tech+Biology followed by Introduction to Github
Tuesday: Introducing Tech+Business followed by Introduction to Front End Web Development
Wednesday: Introducing Tech+Policy followed by How to Integrate an API
Thursday: Introducing Tech+Social Entrepreneurship followed by Introducing Tech+Design
Saturday and Sunday: Technica 2016

A comprehensive list is available here.