Thursday, November 3, 2016

Career-Related Course Options

Check out the career-related course options below. Please note COMM 488I is one credit this winter. Remember the campus limit for winter registration is 4 credits.

UNIV099: Internship Seminar – a zero-credit course that complements supervised work experiences and assures that these experiences are noted on the student’s transcript.

EDCP108I: A one-credit online class preparing students for successfully landing an internship and how to reflect on the experience.

The Psychology of Getting Hired – a one-credit online course for freshmen and sophomore, it looks at what’s behind the hiring process, applying psychological principles and strategies for landing internships/jobs.

COMM 488I: Strategic Interviewing for the Career You Want (NEW)- is an online course that introduces students to communication skills used in employment interviews. The course follows the traditional interviewing process--starting with research about careers, moving to preparation of questions, and culminating in a mock employment interview. During the Winter 2017 term, students will have the opportunity to develop a targeted elevator pitch, create an online portfolio, and connect with a UMD alumni during a mock employment interview. For more information about the course, please contact Luke Capizzo at