Thursday, December 15, 2016

GVPT101 Open to ALL Students

GVPT101 is being offered in the Spring 2017 semester and is open to ALL majors. The course serves as a general introduction to political science. It covers a broad range of political phenomena from small scale negotiation and deliberation to large scale global politics, and from the nastiest form of violent politics (war, revolution, terrorism) to a non-violent politics of principle.

The course also challenges students to consider some big political issues now facing humanity: What kind of an economy should we have? How should we deal with the natural environment? How can we promote basic rights and justice? How can we constructively make sense of the deep conflicts now dividing the world?

GVPT101 is ideal for students who are working on their gateway requirements or for students who want to see what the GVPT major is about. The course can also count towards the DSHS GenEd requirement. Students should contact in order to receive permission to register.