Thursday, January 19, 2017

Research Analyst (New Graduates)

Latinum was built on the idea that the cultural economy—the people, goods, and services that are inspired by or driven by culture in all its forms—will transform and define the world. As an Analyst at Latinum, you will help companies realize the full value of culture. We formed in 2009 focused on the U.S. Hispanic economy. In four years, we have added over 100 Fortune-1000 client-members, and expanded our scope to address cultural marketing in all its forms—Mexican, Puerto Rican, millennial, Gen-X, African-American, Asian, hipster—if it’s cultural, we’re on it.

At Latinum, you have the chance to join a world-class team dedicated to helping companies win in the cultural economy. This journey, at this moment, is one we all sign up for—which is why we take recruiting the best talent so seriously. Life is short. Work hard and have fun!

Required qualifications:

- Top-tier undergraduate college, with a GPA > 3.3
- Outstanding written and verbal communications skills
- Have an unquenchable curiosity - We love folks who ask “why” and work hard towards answering that question
- Logical / analytical thinkers
- Detail oriented, but can still see the forest for the trees
- Entrepreneurial spirits with a willingness to work long hours in a small startup company, doing multiple projects
- Comfort with ambiguity
- Natural “self-starters”
- Comfortable working alone or in a team—and easily switching between the two
- Strong desire to be a part in building a business
- Great people who like to help others

Preferred Qualifications:

- Be fluent in Spanish
- Have a background in psychology, marketing, sociology, anthropology, or a related field
- Experience conducting primary research

To apply, new graduates should log in to Careers4Terps and search the position’s ID number: 133401