Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Countdown to Graduation: 10 Tips for Life after College

You have put the work in and the end is in sight…graduation is just around the corner and you will be joining 1,000’s of other BSOS graduates. Do you feel prepared? Whether you have a plan or are still in the process of deciding what is next, check in here once a week to read tips on preparing for your next adventure!
Visit the University Career Center @ BSOS or the University Career Center to explore additional resources. The Career Center’s Calendar of Events includes events and programs planned for Spring 2017 that will bring 400+ employers and alumni to campus! We hope to see you at an event soon!

Tip #1 Congrats to class of 2017- stay in touch!
Dear BSOS Graduating Seniors,

Congratulations! You have worked hard to earn your degree in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences! I see such great potential in your class! You are tremendous leaders, problem solvers, creators of new knowledge and ideas! I cannot wait to see how you will “Be the Solution” to the world's greatest challenges in the future! Be sure to rep your BSOS Terp pride wherever your exciting new journey takes you!

We would love to stay in touch to hear about you amazing post-graduation success. Graduating seniors will be receiving a link to complete the Graduation Survey soon (http://gradsurvey.umd.edu/). If you have already secured your post-graduation plans, please take a moment to complete the survey. We aggregate this information and share it with BSOS departments (they are delighted to see how well recent alumni are doing!).


Katherine Russell
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Tip #2  Transition from student to alum- IT IS AMAZING!    
Ensure your exit is memorable and make plans for staying in touch!

· Join the BSOS alumni LinkedIn group to receive invitations to events and connect with students and alumni.
· Terps are everywhere! Join the Alumni Network to connect with Terps in your area or join the UMD Alumni Association LinkedIn group to connect with over 29,000 Terps across the country!
· You are welcome back to campus anytime! Stay informed of upcoming events.
· Take a moment to thank the faculty, staff, RAs, Academic Advisors, etc. who have helped you as a student. They would appreciate hearing how they have helped and would love to stay in touch with you, if asked. You never know when you might need a faculty reference letter, so create a plan to stay in touch now.
· Give back by sharing all of your career advice with undergraduates. Review the opportunities and express interest HERE.

Prepare for commencement and enjoy! It is your big day and BSOS is so proud to share it with you!

Tip #3 Prepare for your next move…literally!
Whether you will be moving down the street or across the country, get informed on rental agreements, crime rates, etc. prior to moving. Start your adventure out right by living in an amazing place.
Review these resources:
·       Check out these tips UMD Office-Campus Housing provides for interacting with your landlord.
·       Use neighborhood scout to research the best cities for young professionals and grad students.
·       Avoid apartment/house rental scams by reviewing these common red flags.
·       Create a moving checklist so you don’t forget anything. Here are some tips if you are still living on campus.
·       Considering a roommate? Roommates can be noisy, but it is nice to have help paying the bills! Checkout Forbes’ tips for How to Find a Roommate in a Brand New City.
·       Worried about making new friends? Create friendships while doing things you enjoy! Look in your local newspaper or sign up for text alerts from your city to learn of events and concerts to attend. Check out sites like meetup.com, to find locally based events that are a match for your interests (i.e. hiking, sailing, photography, open mic nights, etc.).

Tip #4 Make your first year of work successful
Tips for standing out the first year (and beyond) at your new job!

Get noticed your first year of work by using these tips:
·       Avoid offending co-workers with poorly written emails by watching this video (UMD Lynda) on how to write an effective email!
·       Ever been in a boring meeting? Check out the top meeting pet peeves of professionals and make the colleagues you invite to meetings jump for joy!
·       Make yourself invaluable to the organization by showing your competencies EVERY day (i.e. show up on time, volunteer for extra projects, be willing to help other departments, establish connections across the organization, etc.). Discover the most valuable activities you can do with this video.
·       Ask your supervisor for a three or six month evaluation meeting TO SHARE your progress. This small step will ensure you remain eligible for a pay raise or it could even land you a promotion.

·       Look the part (20 tips to consider)! Review the dress code and choose clothing appropriately. Don’t use the boss as a role model for what to wear (unless you are the boss- congrats!). Compare notes with professionals at your level to fit in and maximize your confidence!

Tip #5 Networking- I know someone who can help you with that..!
Use your connections to get leads on jobs, graduate school, apartments, etc.
Studies show that 80% of jobs go to someone with a connection to the organization. Fortunately, by graduating from the University of Maryland, you already have a connection with over 200,000 UMD alumni!

Get started (or add to your existing) network with these tips and resources.
·       Check out The Terp Guide to see how online and offline strategies (Page 26) and informational interviews (Page 33) can build your network for the job search.
·       Ten women share how and why Networking Strategies are so effective.
·       Connect with alumni through The Alumni Advisor Network for resume review, mock interview, and career conversation assistance.
·       Feeling shy? Check out An Introvert’s Guide to Networking.
·       Expand your search through the LinkedIn BSOS Group, the UMD Alumni Group, and review other tools in LinkedIn to research organizations.
·       Relocating? Contact someone you know in the new city and consider asking them These Questions.

Make sure that you’re using your network to achieve your goals. The more people on your team, the more opportunities will be available to you!

Tip #6 First impressions count 

The impressions we make on people, especially first impressions, can lead to solid relationships – if they go well. Here are some reasons why first impressions are so important. 

The tips will help you be memorable, for the right reasons!
·       First impression tips from the experts- American Psychological Association.
·       Take your time to craft emails that are professional. A poorly written email can lead to a terrible first impression, before you even meet someone face-to-face.
·       Tips for entering and exiting a conversation with tact.

Review etiquette tips, by Emily Post, to make an excellent first impression in any situation:
o   dining tips;
o   apologizing.    

We think all UMD BSOS Seniors are memorable and remarkable (HERE are some examples!). A special thank you for being you, from the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences.

Tip #7 Do you have a budget plan post-graduation?
Get smart! What steps can you take to save money, live within a budget, and start saving for retirement?

Between rent, groceries and student loan debt, it can be challenging to live within your means. And did you know that the best time to start saving for retirement is in your twenties? Below are some featured articles and videos geared toward helping you to organize your finances and reach your monetary goals, no matter your income.

Money can be a stressful topic, but we know it’s better to work out a budget and savings plan sooner rather than later. And if you're really feeling ambitious, think about what This Couple has to say about retiring early!

Tip #8 Get inspired: What would you do after graduation if money was no object?

Will you have the next big idea, start a company, or become a public figure? The world is your oyster! Gain inspiration for your next big move by reviewing the videos and articles below.

·       Get started with this pep talk from Kid President!
·       Let the word “no” motivate you! Watch what Instagram’s founder thinks about the word.
·       Don’t be afraid to try! See how 38 successful people found a way to succeed after failure.
·       Think outside of the box, and make your own opportunities: Read: How One Industrious Undergrad Hustled Her Way Into Her Dream Internship.
·       Turn your passion into a career- watch the Harpoon Brewery story.
·       Career advice from Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs.

BSOS knows you can do it, so take action today. Don’t get stuck on an escalator! Abraham Lincoln said it best, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Tip #9 Interviewing and salary negotiation

What is my degree worth?   Interviewing and salary negotiation tips that will save you $1,000s.   
Salary negotiations start during the interview process. Use the resources and tips below to ensure you are articulating to employers why your skills are priceless.
·       Identify the skills required for the position and make sure you have an experience to share that describes how you have used the skill in the past.
·       The interview will include a subject you should know well- YOURSELF. Learn more about yourself and increase your confidence interviewing by practicing ahead of time. Schedule a mock interview with the UMD Career Center (email Caroline Lee, clee91@umd.edu to learn more) or use InterviewStream to test yourself.
·       Additional interviewing tips: giving employers what they want, attire guidelines, follow-up tips.

The salary conversation can come up at any time during an interview.
·       Be prepared by researching what the average going rate for that position title is in your area (i.e. check out glassdoorindeed’s salary estimatorsalary.com).
·       Then consider what you would request based on your skill level, geographical area, level of education, and type of industry.

·       Watch Lynda.com video’s on creating a resume, interviewing, negotiating, etc. to learn more (i.e. start with Negotiating Your Salary).  

#10 Make a plan- Job search, grad school, gap year, oh my!?
Start planning now for your post-graduation adventure.
·       Thinking of graduate school? Check out these resources.
·       Looking for a short term adventure to gain some skills and try out career paths? Get started HERE.
·       Starting a job search? Use the most effective job searching strategy- networking- and save yourself hours of work! Get started increasing your network:
o   by signing into UMD Alumni Advisor and LinkedIn;
o   attending career fairs;
o   joining field specific associations;  

Already secured a job or acceptance into a graduate program? Take a breath and pat yourself on the back. You are an excellent planner and your hard work has paid off. Next steps…build your wardrobe.