Thursday, February 2, 2017

Spring Internships with Child Advocacy and Women’s Rights International

One of CAWRI’s focus is to aid our partner in Afghanistan submit projects in the area of women’s rights, health education, and development/vocational education. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00, with an hour for lunch. Start and end dates negotiable. Our policy is first come first seated. Volunteer opportunities may also be available.

Social Media Interns - Responsibilities:

-Writing blogs based on current events affecting women and children, current projects, etc.
-Raise awareness of organization through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter active
-Assisting fellow interns in projects and fundraisers
-Documentation of work on google drive
-Currently enrolled as a junior or senior in a 4-year degree program, or a recent college graduate.
-All interns have a collateral duty to help with fundraising

Development Interns - Responsibilities:

-Organizing innovative fundraisers, profit shares with restaurants, including contacting vendors, identifying a venue, raising awareness of the organization, and locating sponsors for an event/events etc. for CAWRI’s projects
-Identify grant opportunities, deadlines related to entrepreneurship and development of women
-Canvassing local universities for students interested in our work
-Outreach via email, phone, in-person with members in the community who support the cause
-Attend events related to the cause in the area
-Documentation of work on google drive
-Currently enrolled as a sophomore or higher in a 4-year degree program or a recent college graduate

Project Expansion Interns - Responsibilities:

-Assisting the executive director by remaining in constant communication with our field office and partner in Afghanistan
-Researching prospective projects
-Writing LOI’s and project proposals that will be sent out to donors, charities, and other foundations for grants
-Remaining proactive by connecting with possible partners and organizations
-Documentation of work on google drive
-Maintaining existing projects in order to achieve their goals and objectives
-Currently enrolled as a sophomore or higher in a 4-year degree program or a recent college graduate.

Upon successful completion, CAWRI will provide letters of recommendation and serve as a reference. When appropriate, we will provide a grade for school credit.

Interested candidates should send an email to with the title of CAWRI Internship. The email should include a cover letter and a resume.

To view the posting, students can log in to Careers4Terps and search the posting’s ID number: 152802