Tuesday, April 25, 2017

CISSM Forum April 27, 2017 Noon: The Battle for Pakistan: The Internal Struggle Against Militancy and Terrorism

Shuja Nawaz is a political and strategic analyst. He writes for leading newspapers and The Huffington Post, and speaks on current topics before civic groups, at think tanks, and on radio and television. He has worked on projects with RAND, the United States Institute of Peace, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Atlantic Council, and other leading think tanks on projects dealing with Pakistan and the Middle East. In January 2009 he was made the first Director of the South Asia Center at The Atlantic Council of the United States. Educated at Gordon College, Rawalpindi, where he obtained a BA in Economics and English Literature and the Graduate School of Journalism of Columbia University in New York, where he was a Cabot Fellow and won the Henry Taylor International Correspondent Award. He was also a member of the prize-winning team at Stanford University’s Publishing Program.

April 27, 2017  
12:00-1:15 pm  
1203 Van Munching Hall