Tuesday, April 18, 2017

UMD Portal Project

Connect with someone across the globe! This April, UMD is joining the global network of Portals, which are gold-painted shipping containers equipped with immersive audio and video technology. Upon entering, you come face-to-face with someone in another Portal. You can make eye contact and converse as if in the same room – live, full-body and with translation when needed. The experience has been described as “breathing the same air.”

The UMD Portal will be located on Tawes Plaza outside of the Benjamin Building.

It will be delivered Tuesday, April 18, will operate April 24-May 2, and will be removed on Wednesday, April 3. It is open for all to experience! The online signup for will be available at http://sharedstudios.com this Friday, April 21.

Monday, 4/24
8-9:45AM: Herat, Afghanistan
10M-1PM: Berlin, Germany

Tuesday, 4/25
11:30AM-2:30PM: Kigali, Rwanda

Wednesday, 4/26
2-5PM: Mexico City, Mexico

Thursday, 4/27
1-4PM: Boulder, CO

Friday, April 28
8-9:45AM: Herat, Afghanistan
10AM-1PM: Erbil, Iraq

Saturday, April 29 (Maryland Day)
10AM-1PM: Berlin, Germany
1:30-4PM: Mexico City

Sunday, April 30

Monday, May 1
8-9:45AM: Herat, Afghanistan
10AM-1PM: El Progreso, Honduras

Tuesday, May 2
1-5PM: Mission, TX (on the US-Mexico border)
The Spring 2017 UMD Portal Project is presented by The Clarice in partnership with the Provost's Office, the College of Arts and Humanities Dean's Office, Beyond the Classroom, Roshan Institute for Persian Studies and the UMD School of Music. The Clarice has also been working with University Marketing and the College of Education on the placement of the Portal and its integration into the campus' Maryland Day activities.