Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Have You Heard About "It Takes Just One"?

Learn more about the on-campus movement dedicated to minimizing the bystander effect. "If not you, who? If not now, when?" Join the movement and tell your friends!

At It Takes Just One, it is our mission to foster understanding and provide support for people who have been affected by violent extremism within their circle of family and friends, and to educate people on proper intervention methods when faced with a family member’s radicalization.


The primary objective of It Takes Just One is to provide a platform for people who have witnessed their loved ones be affected by violent extremism. It is our goal to allow these people to share their stories, provide a platform for them to speak with others with with similar experiences, and provide resources for those who want to help their loved one but lack the knowledge to move forward. At It Takes Just One, it is our belief that it takes just one person to care, just one choice to make a difference, and just one action to save a life. We would like bystanders of all types to share their stories, even if it is not specific to countering violent extremism, because someone who feels empowered to intervene in other situations might feel empowered to intervene in a situation involving radicalization.

Visit these links to learn more about "It Takes Just One" and the Just One Photo Challenge! (or @JustOneUMD)