Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Research Associate Position for Recent Grad Considering Law School with Westlaw Court Express

Job Description
Entry level researcher position at Westlaw Court Express. This person is responsible for learning WCX systems and processes, completing WCX training and working both with and without supervision on research requests. This individual will complete research requests and perform all duties as described in the WCX researcher metrics.
  • Complete DRR/DD training program- become familiar with the US Court System and main pleadings in all types of court cases.
  • Become competent with all DRR/DD research tools, court websites, WCX, WL, PACER, etc.- know how and when to use these search tools.
  • Complete client requests for the appropriate department.
  • Adhere to DRR/DD performance metrics.
  • Provide professional, informed answers to client inquiries and take new client requests.
  • Utilize appropriate customer service skills and behaviors to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Exhibit good time management skills to include completing responsibilities within regular work hours and appropriate prioritization of jobs to meet client deadlines.
  • Learn WCX pricing structure and complete timely billing of client requests. Be able to accurately estimate pricing on proposed requests.
  • Maintain notes on research requests in a manner that allows peers to work on them when the need arises.
  • Exhibit appropriate level of teamwork filling in and assisting other researchers when needed.
  • Follow all department procedures & guidelines.

  • This is an entry level position. Court related or legal experience useful, but not required.
  • Knowledge of court system and legal documents useful, but not required.
  • Research Associate will have access to WCX order fulfillment and tracking systems including Extranet, OrderTrack, WL,
  • WCX.
  • Research Associate will have access to various court websites and data bases as required to fill research requests

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