Friday, August 25, 2017

Spaces Available in Fall BSOS Internship Courses

Do you have an internship lined up this semester?  Do you want to earn elective or DSSP credit for it?  It may qualify for one of the BSOS internship courses if:

·                     You have completed at lest 30 credits and one semester at Maryland
·                     Your internship will be onsite and not in a home office
·                     You will be conducting primarily para- or pre-professional work
·                     You will be receiving regular and frequent supervision from an experienced professional
·                     You will be spending at least 45 hours at your internship

BSOS students have priority for BSOS 288I, BSOS 355 (DSSP) and BSOS 386, but to be sure your application will be reviewed by the end of schedule adjustment, it must be submitted by September 6.  (The instructor will consider all later applications, but doesn’t guarantee a review before September 11.)

To learn more, visit or email Kathryn Hopps at