Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Research Assistant Opportunity

Research Assistant Needed
Project on “Economic and Financial Evaluation of Universal Basic Income”

What is Universal Basic Income (UBI)? It simply means that every citizen in a country would be granted a fixed income every year regardless of their socio-economic status. At a very basic level, UBI will ensure that no one lives in poverty regardless of where they live or what skills they have. It would help alleviate the growing income inequality in the United States and all countries that implement it, and would make all citizens feel that they have a stake in the country. It will certainly give a boost to the economy because the spending power of the citizens at large will increase. Finland and Germany are currently piloting UBI schemes and Canada is also going into a trial very soon. The state of Hawaii passed a bill in June to support UBI for its citizens.

The proposed research will do a very thorough analysis of the current data and perform a comprehensive economic and financial evaluation of universal basic income.

A Research Assistant is needed to gather detailed data on tax returns, the U.S. welfare system, government budgets, and perform a fairly comprehensive literature review on the subject of universal basic income from around the world.

The pay will be $15/hour and the work will involve 5-10 hours/week of commitment. The initial phase of the work will be done during the entire Fall semester 2017, and depending on performance of the RA could extend to the Spring semester 2018 as well.

The best candidate would be a junior or senior undergraduate or a graduate student with a background in economics or finance. Someone who understands how the U.S. economy works would be best placed to be efficient in doing the research.

If interested, please contact Professor Anand Anandalingam at