Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Spring 2018 Urban Resources Initiative Internships in Baltimore

The Urban Resources Initiative Internship Program is a partnership of the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, the Parks & People Foundation, and area universities and institutions.

   Semester internship:  180 hours; 10-12 weeks; 15-18 hours/week
For information, contact Dr. Edward Orser, URI Program Manager:   info@parksandpeople.org
To apply, please complete the application found in the link below:

Be advised that the application asks for the following:
1)      Resume     2) Letter of interest    3) Faculty academic advisor contact info.
 (See following pages for project descriptions)
·         Docs in the Parks
·         Researching Recreation Division Milestones
·         Outdoor Activity Program
·         Recreation Center Programs
·         Carrie Murray Nature Center
·         Park Events Programming  
·         Media Marketing Intern
·         Graphic Design for Park Promotional Materials
·         Emergency Locator GIS Mapping
(See following pages for project descriptions)
·         Branches Environmental Educator Intern
·         Urban Ecology Curriculum Fellow (Baltimore Ecosystem Study)

Docs in the Parks
The project seeks an intern with an interest in public health, the environment/nature and social media to develop the capacity of the Docs in the Park Program. The intern will research and prepare fun and engaging challenges on an environmental/educational mobile app for elementary age students who visit Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park. The intern will also post weekly on the Greater Baltimore Children and Nature Facebook page and help plan two community events to present Docs in the Park to the public.  For information on Docs in the Parks, see http://bcrp.baltimorecity.gov/special-programs/docs/
Researching Recreation Division Milestones
The Recreation Division seeks an intern to research and develop promotion plans for events to celebrate important anniversaries in its programs.  For example, in December, 2018, the Dominic “Mimi” DiPietro Ice Rink will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and in May, 2019, the Baltimore Neighborhood Basketball League will be celebrating its 50th year. These are significant milestones for serving the citizens of Baltimore.  The Division seeks an intern with demonstrated interest in recreational programs, as well as research and writing skills, to assist In documentation, planning and preparation for the anniversaries.  
Outdoor Activity Program
Continuation of an ongoing project to assist in the development and implementation of outdoor activity programs in Baltimore parks, with a special emphasis upon assessment of their health benefits. The intern will organize and provide leadership for such outdoor activities as biking, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, or camping.  Typical responsibilities include conducting surveys, compiling demographics, and disseminating information on the health benefits of outdoor activity. There also are opportunities for independent research and development for such additional outdoor recreation activities as equestrian use, rock climbing, mountain biking, natural surface trail development, or fishing.  Outdoor activity projects contribute to the Mayor’s Healthy Baltimore Initiative; the National Park Service Partnership to Find Your Parkland; and the Waterfront Partnership’s Swimmable/Fishable Harbor goals.
Recreation Center Programs
The Recreation Center Enrichment Program Intern will assist a Recreation Center Director with a wide variety of activities for the department’s Out of School Time Enrichment Program.   Required are experience with and ability to conduct recreational sports and activities, plus evidence of effective work with children and adolescents.
The Fitness Instructor intern will be responsible for the program to promote the physical, emotional, and mental health of the Center’s participants.  Duties will include instruction, programming, and promotion.  Experience with fitness assessments, nutritional counseling, the use of fitness equipment, and fitness education is required.
Carrie Murray Nature Center
The Carrie Murray Nature Center, located in West Baltimore’s Leakin Park, seeks interns for two projects.
The Environmental Education Intern will support the center’s naturalist in creating, facilitating, and instructing environmental education programming to young people from the surrounding city communities.  The intern also will assist in such Nature Center duties as projects for park cleanup, trail maintenance, and garden upkeep.
The Volunteer Program Development intern will conduct research to develop a strategy for the recruitment of Nature Center volunteers.  The project involves proposals for the promotion of volunteer service opportunities, recruitment of participants, and a process for tracking their service.
Park Events Programming
The intern will assist the staff in all aspects of event planning in Baltimore’s parks, especially programs that engage families and youth.  The internship may include development of proposals for special events (concerts, fitness runs, outdoor movies, or others); promotion and publicity; supervision of event arrangements; and evaluation of outcomes.  It also would involve identifying local businesses, organizations and friends groups surrounding the parks for sponsorship and promotion of events in their area of the city.
Media Marketing Intern
The Media Marketing Intern will assist with a variety of projects and efforts, including social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), email campaigns, website updates, design of printed promotional, such as print ads, flyers and brochures. The intern will be work with the Chief of Communications and the Public Information Officer. Work will involve a variety of Recreation and Parks programs.

Graphic Design for Park  Promotional Materials                
The Graphic Design Intern will be integral in assisting with a variety of fast-moving design projects, including print, signage, web, e-mail, and social media. The Intern will learn to be responsive to art direction from Communications team members and react quickly to feedback. The Intern will collaborate with many BCRP staff members on projects from the conceptual stage to the final delivery, including the printing, production, and management process.

Emergency Locator GIS Mapping
The intern will work with the department’s GIS coordinator to create a detailed data set that will assist 311 (non-emergency) and 911 (emergency) dispatch with the location of callers within parks and along park trails. Tasks for the intern involve:  digitizing features from aerial photographs; collecting data in the field; confirming existing map data; and identifying nearest access point for emergency personnel.  The intern will make use of ArcGIS desktop software as well as ArcGIS online to set up sample webmaps of the data and participate in map design reviews and changes. Experience using ArcGIS and editing features is required. ESRI Collector will be used for field data collection. The intern will be required to work outdoors in a park setting and along wooded trails to collect data and mark locations.
Branches Environmental Educator
The intern will assist the two team leaders for the environmental education program of Branches, an after school program for high school students.  Branches focuses on exploring green careers, improving public parks, building green spaces, participating in outdoor sports/recreation, and conducting urban environmental and ecological research. Participants also gain essential life skills, including job-readiness.  The intern will assist staff with the facilitation of lessons and projects. Desired skills include experience working with high school age youth and delivering education-based programs. This internship is suitable for students with majors in Environmental Science or Studies, Urban Studies, Education or any of the social sciences.
Urban Ecology Curriculum Fellow (Baltimore Ecosystem Study)
BES urban ecology curricula are intended to provide students with direct, authentic experiences with their environment.  The intern will revise and update BES urban ecology curriculum and disseminate it in local school districts through social media, website updates, and/or newsletters.  Desired academic programs include Education, Environmental Studies, Biology, and/or related fields; also required are experience with science curricula; knowledge of the ecology of the Baltimore area, as well as excellent writing, communication, and organizational skills.