Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Greek Ambassador Speaking About Population Movements in the Eastern Mediterranean on Campus Tuesday, March 14

Please join other members of the campus community for the latest speaker in the ongoing Maryland Global Leaders series, H.E. Haris Lalacos, Ambassador to the US of the Republic of Greece.  Ambassador Lalacos will speak on Population Movements and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, beginning at 12:30 PM on Tuesday, March 14, in the First Floor Atrium of H.J. Patterson Hall.

To RSVP, please follow this link

Further questions may be directed to scholten@umd.edu

LAS Midterm Power - March 1st in Stamp

Countdown to Graduation: 10 Tips for Life after College

You have put the work in and the end is in sight…graduation is just around the corner and you will be joining 1,000’s of other BSOS graduates. Do you feel prepared? Whether you have a plan or are still in the process of deciding what is next, check in here once a week to read tips on preparing for your next adventure!
Visit the University Career Center @ BSOS or the University Career Center to explore additional resources. The Career Center’s Calendar of Events includes events and programs planned for Spring 2017 that will bring 400+ employers and alumni to campus! We hope to see you at an event soon!

Tip #8 Get inspired: What would you do after graduation if money was no object?

Will you have the next big idea, start a company, or become a public figure? The world is your oyster! Gain inspiration for your next big move by reviewing the videos and articles below.

·       Get started with this pep talk from Kid President!
·       Let the word “no” motivate you! Watch what Instagram’s founder thinks about the word.
·       Don’t be afraid to try! See how 38 successful people found a way to succeed after failure.
·       Think outside of the box, and make your own opportunities: Read: How One Industrious Undergrad Hustled Her Way Into Her Dream Internship.
·       Turn your passion into a career- watch the Harpoon Brewery story.
·       Career advice from Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs.

BSOS knows you can do it, so take action today. Don’t get stuck on an escalator! Abraham Lincoln said it best, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Tip #9 Interviewing and salary negotiation

What is my degree worth?   Interviewing and salary negotiation tips that will save you $1,000s.   
Salary negotiations start during the interview process. Use the resources and tips below to ensure you are articulating to employers why your skills are priceless.
·       Identify the skills required for the position and make sure you have an experience to share that describes how you have used the skill in the past.
·       The interview will include a subject you should know well- YOURSELF. Learn more about yourself and increase your confidence interviewing by practicing ahead of time. Schedule a mock interview with the UMD Career Center (email Caroline Lee, clee91@umd.edu to learn more) or use InterviewStream to test yourself.
·       Additional interviewing tips: giving employers what they want, attire guidelines, follow-up tips.

The salary conversation can come up at any time during an interview.
·       Be prepared by researching what the average going rate for that position title is in your area (i.e. check out glassdoorindeed’s salary estimatorsalary.com).
·       Then consider what you would request based on your skill level, geographical area, level of education, and type of industry.

·       Watch Lynda.com video’s on creating a resume, interviewing, negotiating, etc. to learn more (i.e. start with Negotiating Your Salary).  

#10 Make a plan- Job search, grad school, gap year, oh my!?
Start planning now for your post-graduation adventure.
·       Thinking of graduate school? Check out these resources.
·       Looking for a short term adventure to gain some skills and try out career paths? Get started HERE.
·       Starting a job search? Use the most effective job searching strategy- networking- and save yourself hours of work! Get started increasing your network:
o   by signing into UMD Alumni Advisor and LinkedIn;
o   attending career fairs;
o   joining field specific associations;  

Already secured a job or acceptance into a graduate program? Take a breath and pat yourself on the back. You are an excellent planner and your hard work has paid off. Next steps…build your wardrobe.