Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Apply to be a Research Assistant in the UMD Center for American Politics & Citizenship by January 26!

The CAPC Research Assistantship Program is for students interested in developing their research and professional skills as well as gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the study of American politics. Research Assistants (RAs) are paired with a faculty member who directs their research for the semester as well as helping them develop a unique project based at least in part, on the research they are conducting on behalf of the faculty member. In addition, students are also assigned a graduate student to help mentor and guide them through the research process. RAs are also given formal training in writing, data analysis, public speaking/presentation skills, conducting academic research, and formulating cogent research questions.
It is highly recommended that you already have a faculty member to work with, but it is not required.
CAPC RA Application Spring 2018, Due January 26th 2018
CAPC was granted funds by the Fund for Latino Scholarship at the American Political Science Association to hire a Research Fellow to work on issues related to race and ethnicity in American politics. The fellow should be interested and excited about the possibility of going to graduate school in a social science field. 
CAPC Latino Research Fellowship Spring 2018, Due January 26th 2018 There is only one Latino Research Fellowship  opening available. Applicants are not required to be government and politics majors, but need to be majoring in a social science field. 
Students enroll in a GVPT course to earn credit for these assistantships.