Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Geospatial Analyst

The Geospatial Analyst will be responsible for supporting a wide range of geospatial projects. Types of projects include mapping high resolution land cover and flow paths, researching best technical and scientific practices in academic and professional literature, prioritizing restoration efforts of stakeholder groups, producing compelling visuals such as maps and tables for under-resourced partners, and building desktop as well as web tools to facilitate GIS access. Several software packages will be used by the analyst, including ArcGIS, ENVI, R, PyCharm, and eCognition; training will be provided where

This position is for a six-month contract, starting in January or February 2018, in order to help meet grant deadlines in June-July. Extension is possible, depending on funding and performance.

Interested students should log on to Careers4Terps and search ID #169328