Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Research Programmer, Center on Social Dynamics & Policy

Join the team at the Brookings Institution’s Economic Studies program (ES), and work with experts as they focus on addressing obstacles to long-term economic growth and opportunity. This is a great opportunity for someone with an interest in developing simulation models of social and (occasionally) biological systems that can help inform policy decisions. The Research Programmer is responsible for agent-based model implementation and/or manipulation, output presentation; topics vary and include: public health, education, economics, and behavioral/social sciences. The ideal candidate will have familiarity with advanced mathematical and statistical concepts that can be used to characterize elements of these systems, and an ability to quickly become adept at working in new software environments and with existing code.

70% Programming Simulation and Statistical Assistance
• Assists in the design of agent-based models
• Takes primary responsibility for development of agent-based models
• Interfaces with external research partners to obtain, process, and convert outside data into forms suitable for integration in agent-based models
• Sweep model parameter spaces; analyze agent-based model outputs
• Manipulation and/or extension of agent-based models

30% Visualization and Reports
• Converts agent-based model outputs to viewable form for analyses and presentations
• Assists in drafting written reports and online profiles for funders and external research partners describing model design, implementation, and results
• Works with the scholar to create PowerPoint presentations for use in summarizing research findings to outside audiences
• Assists in preparation and revision of manuscripts and proposals

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