Thursday, February 1, 2018

Help keep our offices healthy during flu season

There is nothing slower than a sick turtle! To help reduce the spread of flu this season, consider scheduling a phone appointment rather than meeting in person if you're feeling sick. 

Please call our office at 301-405-1697 to schedule a phone appointment with an advisor or to switch your in-person appointment to a phone appointment

Other tips for staying healthy during flu season include:

●        Get a flu shot!  It’s not too late.  The UHC has a very limited supply of flu vaccine.  The vaccine is in short supply all over, though some local pharmacies may have it in stock.
●        If you are sick with a fever, notify your supervisor and stay home in bed to rest.  This will avoid spreading the infection to others.
●        Wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizing stations that are located around campus. 
●        Avoid those who are ill, if possible.
●        Clean high touch surfaces in your room office with anti-bacterial cleaner (bleach wipes are very effective).
●        Cough into your sleeve or a tissue, not directly into your hands, and wash your hands immediately.
●        Avoid touching your face when you are ill and when healthy; this spreads germs!
●        Avoid sharing food, utensils, cups, and water bottles.