Friday, February 2, 2018

Hotline Specialist Internship with Community Crisis Services

Community Crisis Services, inc. seeks staff and volunteer hotline specialists to staff our 24/7 hotline serving callers in need from Prince George’s County, the state of Maryland, and across the nation. Hotline specialists serve those needing access to homeless shelters, information about health and human service agencies, support in times of emotional distress, or even help staying safe through thoughts of suicide. Through contracts with several government and non-profit agencies, CCSi’s hotline program provides a variety of services.

Volunteer hotline specialists will receive 40 hours of training related to active listening skills, suicide prevention practices, and utilization of agency resources to match callers with needed information. Volunteers are needed to be warm, compassionate, patient, calm in crisis situations, and open to continued growth and development. Employment opportunities may become available in the future to those who complete the volunteer training and take on regular shifts.

CCSi expects volunteers who complete the training to take on at least 4 shifts a month, each shift 3-4 hours in length, for a 12-month period. No prior experience is necessary to volunteer. All applicants must be age 18 or older.

Staff are typically required to cover 12 hours per week. Requirements may be more or less depending on current staffing needs. Daytime and overnight availability are huge plusses.

Our next staff and volunteer training class will begin in February 2018. Training will typically include 7 sessions, each 3 hours long, including didactic sections and role play practice. Also required for all trainees is Applied Suicide Prevention Skills Training (ASIST), a 2-day, 15-hour class focused on suicide prevention.

Training classes are held either quarterly or more than once per quarter depending on the hotline schedule’s needs. If interested in our next training class or later training classes please visit and find our volunteer application under How to Contribute-->Become a Volunteer. Questions about CCSi or working/volunteering with CCSi? Feel free to email Mr. Jamie Brill, Assistant Call Center Director, at
--excellent verbal and written communication skills
--computer literacy
--reliable transportation
--ability to receive and utilize feedback/supervision

For more information and to apply, please log in to Careers4Terps and search the ID number: 169626