Tuesday, February 6, 2018

LSAT Practice Exam for Students

With resources from Letters and Sciences/Pre-Law Advising, and some generous assistance from Princeton Review, a 15 person, full-length, in-person Princeton Review LSAT course is available at a cost of $200.

1. An application is currently available at http://prelaw.umd.edu/LSATaward.html

2. Applications are to be submitted electronically and are due by midnight, February 18th. Please note the quick turnaround time!

3. Make sure to write a thoughtful essay response about your interest in law school, as well as information about your personal/financial circumstances that makes this opportunity particularly appealing to you.

4. For those 15 students selected, the course will start on Sunday, February 25th and run every Sunday for 10 weeks until May 6th, with March 18th off due to break. Class will take place from 6-9pm at a location on campus. It includes 10 in-class sessions and 4 diagnostic exams that will likely be held on Saturday mornings throughout the course. All books and additional materials are also provided at no additional cost.

5. This is intended for students planning to take the LSAT in 2018.

6. If selected, you will be required to make a payment of $200 and commit to full participation in the class.

Please contact the Greg Shaffer, the University's Pre-Law Advisor, with any questions at gshaffer@umd.edu.