Monday, April 30, 2018

Food Recovery Network Leadership Team

Are you looking to feed the food insecure in our local area? How about reduce food waste by thousands of pounds every semester? Join the Food Recovery Network Leadership Team, where you can have a huge impact on your community!

We are currently looking for several positions, including:
- Recovery Leaders. Responsible for attending a specific weekly recovery and directing the event.
- Catering Coordinator. Responsible for directing the catering operations. This includes communicating with the chefs and organizing the volunteers.
- Sports Coordinator. Responsible for setting up the arrangements necessary for basketball and football recoveries. This mainly consists of facilitating communication between the concession stand leadership and volunteers. Having a car is beneficial. You will need to be able to get to campus for 2-3 recoveries over winter break.
- Fundraising Chair. Responsible for organizing at least 3 fundraisers per semester. Works with the Secretary to advertise these fundraisers.

The Catering Coordinator, Sports Coordinator, and Fundraising Chair are Executive Board positions. With these positions, you will be responsible for attending a 1-hour weekly Executive Board meeting, the time and day TBD.

All positions require a 2-4 hour time commitment per week. No experience is necessary. You will receive adequate training beforehand.

Application closes Friday, May 11th, at 11:59 pm! Once you apply, you will be contacting via phone for a 15-minute phone interview. If you have any questions, please email