Monday, May 7, 2018

Landscape History Research Intern

The Landscape History Research Intern will facilitate architectural, ecological, and historical research at Rokeby Farm in Upperville, VA and adjacent properties. The intern will conduct hands-on research of these properties with a focus on historical documents, maps, land records, and architecture as well as natural history research, ecological land management restoration, field inventories of flora and fauna, and trail planning.

Her/his primary tasks will be to:
· Become familiar with the landscape of Upperville, Virginia by reading recently completed natural and cultural landscape inventories.
· Research historical land records.
· Research history of various structures: stables, greenhouses, houses, barns, etc.
· Interview and converse with Oak Spring employees and neighbors to produce a documented oral history of land use, historic points of interest within the property, property concerns, etc.
· Locate historical aerial and garden imagery from the Oak Spring Library, Oak Spring Offices, and county offices.
· Research interpretive baseline including geology, vegetation, land management history, fauna.
· Perform field inventories of flora and fauna.
· Provide land management suggestions when applicable.
· Contribute to basic mapping using Google Earth or GIS if skilled.
· Thoroughly document information collected in an organized manner. The intern will
be asked to compile this gathered information into Microsoft Word and Excel documents to produce draft sections for the final site surveys.
· Other duties as assigned.

· Strong interest in historical research of land management, property records, and natural science.
· A background in either history or environmental studies (biology, ecology, forestry, geology, botany, etc.)
· Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to effectively converse with scientists, community members, staff, and neighbors.
· Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Earth (recommended).
· Highly motivated and capable of acting as a self-starter.
· A strong commitment to taking initiative and moving projects forward quickly, and
in substantial and meaningful ways.
· Strong written communication skills desired.

To apply, log in to Careers4Terps and search the ID number: 173505

Applications due May 13th!