Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Internships with the National Museum of American History (Some Paid)

The National Museum of American History internship program allows a diverse group of people with innumerable interests, strengths, and goals to encounter an educational environment where they can work with and learn from professionals and scholars in related areas of concentration. The Museum offers interns of different backgrounds incredible opportunities in a variety of fields, from public relations to exhibition research to project design. Learning from knowledgeable mentors in the dynamic atmosphere of the Museum and Washington, D.C. area, interns enjoy an intensive experience as multifaceted as the Museum itself. In addition we provide a robust set of enrichment activities that range from behind-the-scenes collection tours, career readiness workshops, director’s talks and field trips.

View the internship openings & apply here.


The central Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships (www.smithsonianofi.com) has paid internship opportunities that students can apply to and receive funding while being placed with a project at the National Museum of American History. In your essay you can indicate the National Museum of American History or other units as potential placements. Click here to view internship openings and apply.