Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fall Internships with the Council on Foreign Relations

The CFR Volunteer Internship Program offers an exceptional opportunity for talented individuals who are considering a career in international relations. Our volunteer interns have the chance to interact with experts, scholars, and young, upcoming leaders in the foreign policy field.
Volunteer interns are recruited year-round on a semester basis in both the New York and Washington, DC, offices. Volunteer internships are generally offered in the Executive Office,, the Studies Program, Publications, Communications, the Meetings Program, the Corporate Program, and Foreign Affairs publishing. Each semester requires a part-time commitment of at least sixteen to twenty-one hours per week. A volunteer intern’s duties generally consist of departmental support, editing and writing, research, and event coordination.
CFR generally considers undergraduate and graduate students with majors in international relations, political science, economics, or a related field for its Volunteer Internship Program. A regional specialization and language skills may also be required for some internships. In addition to meeting the intellectual requirements, applicants should have excellent skills in administration, writing, and research; basic computer skills; and previous office experience.

Available Internships in Washington, DC
Volunteer Internship, Center for Preventive Action, Fall 2019
The CPA intern will have the opportunity to conduct foreign policy research relating to CPA projects, as well as attend roundtable discussions hosted by CPA/CFR and other institutions to learn more about various conflict-related topics. In support of CPA’s mission, the intern will develop writing/editing, event, communication, social media skills, and administrative skills. The Center for Preventive Action’s mission is to help prevent, defuse, or resolve deadly conflicts around the world and to expand the body of knowledge on conflict prevention.  
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Volunteer Internship, Corporate Affairs, Fall 2019
The Washington Corporate Affairs intern will develop an understanding of issues at the nexus of business and foreign policy. The volunteer intern will hone research skills by supporting the programming team on developing meeting ideas and supporting member relations on background research. The intern will also draft and edit memoranda and business communications.
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Volunteer Internship, Director of Studies, Fall 2019
The Director of Studies intern will have the opportunity to receive training in the area of foreign policy, as well as skills training in areas such as writing, research, and program planning. The volunteer intern will gain exposure to policy research and think tanks, and develop research and writing skills in a professional context.
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Volunteer Internship, European Studies, Fall 2019
The European Studies intern will report to a senior fellow who specializes in European studies and will help to organize and run the daily activities of the office and participate in research as needed. The volunteer intern will gain knowledge on U.S. political and diplomatic history and European affairs. The volunteer will have the opportunity to enhance writing, editing, administrative, communication, and time management skills. The volunteer will have exposure to professionals in the international relations and policymaking communities, along with opportunities to author or coauthor blog posts for publication on
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Volunteer Internship, External Affairs, Fall 2019
The External Affairs internship will serve as an excellent opportunity for all those interested in developing professional skills related to international affairs, congressional relations, and work on Capitol Hill. In addition to the invaluable administrative experience, the candidate will also have opportunities to learn about the operations of Congress and the best practices by which an organization interacts with members of Congress and their staff. They will learn about management of extensive databases, event planning and execution, and professional research and writing as it relates to the policymaking community. Additionally, the intern will have ample opportunity for networking with congressional staff and attending high-level meetings on Capitol Hill with CFR members and members of Congress.
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Volunteer Internship, Geoeconomic Studies Fall 2019
The Geoeconomic Studies intern will enhance their research, communication, writing, and editing skills and learn about the use of social media to disseminate information/marketing. The intern will gain knowledge of issues relating to international trade, economic policy and competitiveness, and other themes under CFR's Renewing America initiative.
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Volunteer Internship, Global Health Studies, Fall 2019
The Council has a volunteer internship available in the David Rockefeller Studies department. The Global Health Studies intern will gain essential skills in research and writing, focused on recent development in global health and development. They will also gain skills in program planning and event management for the Global Health, Economics, and Development Roundtable series.
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Robina Franklin Williams Internship
Robina Franklin Williams Internship
The Robina Franklin Williams Internship at CFR was established for undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates looking to make a career in the field of international relations. Diverse candidates are encouraged to apply.
Ambassador Franklin H. Williams was the former American Ambassador to Ghana, as well as the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lincoln University, one of the country’s historically black colleges. He was also a director at CFR where he was a strong proponent of expanding diversity within the field of international relations. The Robina Franklin Williams opportunity is awarded to selected volunteer interns as an added professional development experience. Interns develop the knowledge and leadership skills necessary for work in the foreign policy arena, and they can gain experience in program coordination, substantive business writing, and research.
The selected intern will be required to make a part-time commitment of 16 - 18 hours per week and will be paid at an hourly rate. Additional benefits of the Robina Franklin Williams Internship include a trip to the Washington, D.C. or New York office to attend a Council Meeting and meet with CFR staff, as well networking and public speaking professional development sessions.
How to Apply
To be eligible for a Robina Franklin Williams Internship, candidates must submit their resume and cover letter for an available Volunteer Internship in the Summer, Spring, or Fall, and include responses to the following essay questions in their cover letter.
Please prepare two short paragraphs (no longer than 250 words for each paragraph) in response to the questions below. Both responses should be thorough while remaining concise. 
1. Discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the international relations sphere
2. Share an example of how you have demonstrated your commitment to diversity and inclusion in an educational, professional, or related setting