Monday, September 16, 2019

Snider Undergraduate Research Experience

The Snider Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) presents undergraduate students in any field at the University of Maryland College Park with an individualized research experience.
SURE fellows work with the program’s director to choose a research topic. Then they are uniquely matched with a faculty champion who has expertise in that subject area and acts as the fellow’s advisor. The SURE experience culminates in a public presentation to faculty and peers and a publication. During the program, fellows attend workshops in scoping, research writing and presentation. Fellows receive a $500 stipend for participating as well as course credit.
The program promises not only to expose students to hands-on research methodologies but also to offer underclassmen an opportunity to contribute to the collective knowledge pool. Little experience is needed; however, determination, time-management, open-mindedness are qualities that distinguish an outstanding SURE fellow.
While the program aims to investigate enterprise, a business background is not required. Previous cohorts have welcomed fellows from computer science, business, public policy, behavioral and social sciences. SURE cohorts celebrate diversity of educational background, but encourage enterprise-focused research topics. 

Applications close October 19th. If selected, you will be contacted for an interview after the application closes. Fellows will be selected and inaugurated into the program by the close of the fall semester. During the spring semester fellows are expected to invest five to ten hours a week in the program with final deliverables completed by mid-April.

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