Friday, October 18, 2019

Spring Internships with the Cato Institute

Intern with the Cato Institute, Spring 2020

Location: Washington, DC

Apply here: | Deadline: November 1st   
While all interns share daily intern duties, help staff Cato events, and attend the same series of research seminars and career development workshops, each intern’s workload varies by department assignment. The following job descriptions should help applicants decide which Cato departments might be best for them.  

Internship Areas:      
Center for Constitutional Studies
Center for Economic Studies - Transportation or Housing/Land-Use
Center for Global Liberty & Prosperity - Islamic Studies
Center for Global Liberty & Prosperity - Latin America
Center for Global Liberty & Prosperity - Russian Studies
Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives
Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives — Legal Intern
Center for Trade Policy Studies
Conference/Events Department
Criminal Justice
Digital Development and Information Technology
Education and Child Policy
External Relations - Federal Affairs
External Relations - State Affairs
Fiscal, Budget, and Tax Policy
Foreign and Defense Policy
Graphic Design/Video Production
Healthcare Policy
Immigration Policy
Internet Speech Internship
Media Relations
Project on Emerging Technologies
Project on Public Opinion
Welfare and Workforce

Note that some internships are restricted to graduate students.  Ask your department or college internship contact if a particular position qualifies for academic credit.