Thursday, November 7, 2019

Innovation courses and programs for students

How might you… tend to your wild ideas? Become an idea-generating machine? Fail with intention? Get a taste of innovation and learn all this and more with IDEA258A, a 1-credit class open to all majors! Check it out at

Peer Innovation Coach Program
Interested in becoming more innovative? Wondering how innovation might intersect with what you're interested in? Check out the Academy Peer Innovation Coach program:! Start with IDEA247, a 2-credit class designed to immerse you in innovation tools and mindsets and teach you how to apply it to yourself and others to create change in meaningful ways. Learn more at

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Graduate Innovation Fellowship Program
Grad students, do you want to learn about innovation and make meaningful connections to your work and personal life? How about gain experience practicing innovation techniques to actively catalyze and cultivate creativity in yourself and others? Check out the Academy’s Graduate Innovation Fellowship at to learn more. Open to all graduate students.

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