Friday, December 20, 2019

ENES 192 - Scholarship in Practice

ENES192 is new to UMD for spring 2020, so by enrolling you will help to shape how the course is offered and provide important feedback for how to improve the UMD community through invention! Hope to see you there!  Click this link to register!   

Flex your skills and grow some muscle working on problem identification, teamwork and get hands-on experience.  ENES192 is a studio and workshop class open to non-engineering majors that invites everyone to engage in the process of invention.  If you want a space to dabble with a new idea, tinker with some hardware, or explore your ability to be creative, you'll find this new Gen-Ed scholarship in practice class is just the space for you! No prior experience necessary and all abilities are welcome! This class exists in an ecosystem of creativity, problem discovery, and problem-solving at UMD.  It is a smaller commitment than a multi-part programmatic element and a larger bite than a one-credit design thinking class.  Like a community theater that invites contributions from all with an interest in developing acting skills, this engineering class is an inclusive space for anyone interested in invention, creativity, and making. For your three credit investment, you will learn answers
  • Which style of creativity do I prefer? (How you create is what you create)
  • Why do I usually hate group work and how do I fix a dysfunction in my team? (The double-edged sword of dominant logic diversity)
  • How do you move beyond the 'problem discovery' phase of design thinking and into implementation and experimentation via an invention? (All four steps! Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate)
  • What's the deal with rapid prototyping, anyways?  Are 'atoms' so different from 'bits' when it comes to authentic engagement and evaluation?   (Iterae, Itereat, Iterate)
  • How does someone who knows nothing about my idea help me improve it?  How do I communicate and get useful feedback from just about anyone? (Generative, not reactive, pitch style)
The regular class meeting will be MW form 2-3:50. There will be two required field trips and two required rehearsals (Schedules will be distributed early in the semester) - akin to a performance class.  Due to the one-semester nature of the course, you will have an opportunity to do rapid iteration and 'fail fast.'  Successful students will be those who have an interest in exploration and connection over those who are looking for a one-size-fits-all approach.

Here are some quotes from former students of the Professor, Dr. W. Ethan Eagle:

"I’ve always had an interest in how things work, but I’ve always needed someone to force me to do something before I actually go and do it. That’s nonsense. I wish I could’ve realized that earlier because I feel like I could’ve excelled if I had just started sooner."

"I was very hesitant to trust the methods that Dr. Eagle set forth to learn in the class. I did not trust my peers to put forth the needed effort to teach me the way I believed I was teaching them. I did not trust that my peers cared about this as much as I did.  I believe my biggest accomplishment for this class was the ability to trust my peers more while still maintaining leadership over my learning."

"I would advise [you] to not be afraid to fail. You will learn a lot more if you fall, get up, and keep trying than if you shoot for something minimal from the start. A self-directed project offers the opportunity to learn a significant amount about yourself and your work ethic, too. No one likes to fail or do poorly, and it sometimes crushes people, but when you can push through that, you learn that you can accomplish a lot more than you had previously thought possible."