Friday, January 10, 2020

Paid Spring Research Assistant Opportunities at USIP

The relationship with The Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area (CUWMA) and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) goes back 20+ years and began as an initiative to provide students of the Consortium’s member institutions (which include schools in DC, MD and VA) an opportunity to engage in practical research work while completing their degrees. The students are part-time employees of CUWMA, therefore, the Consortium is responsible for all reporting, taxes, & insurance. USIP is classified as their “worksite location” only. USIP’s contract with CUWMA has evolved over the years to include built-in flexibility in hiring. While recruitment has always focused on CUWMA member schools, any full-time student enrolled in a degree-seeking program from an accredited university based in the Washington-Metro area can be hired for the position if she/he better meets the qualifications.

UMD is part of the Consortium of Universities and it would be great to post these positions for students who are working on their degrees in international relations that may not be familiar with USIP. Below are the current openings. 
The pay and period of performance for each position is listed in the job description.