Tuesday, May 5, 2020

New GIS course for Fall - GEOG276: Principles of Python Programming for Social and Environmental Sciences

Given the popularity of these skills on the job market and their foundational role in advanced spatial data science classes, we will begin offering a new course next semester, GEOG276, that will now cover the principles of Python programming for geospatial applications. 

GEOG276 will first introduce basic programming principles and then cover a series of extensions that enable the manipulation of geospatial data and basic GIS functionality. This course will prepare students for a revised GEOG376 that focuses on additional geocomputing tools and applications, several upper-level GEOG courses, such as GEOG498-Models and Methods for Spatial Data Science and GEOG498-Geospatial Algorithms, and some new courses that are in the works. 

In addition, GEOG276 does not require any prerequisites in programming or GIS and is therefore an excellent opportunity to explore geospatial data science concepts while learning to code and become familiar with scientific computing.

Please feel free to contact the undergraduate coordinator Amanda Hoffman Hall (ahall2@umd.edu) if you have any questions.