Tuesday, August 18, 2020

HLSA465: Creating Headspace: Designing Solutions to Address Mental Health and Wellness for UMD Students

Students will use Design Thinking to create, reshape, redesign and transform the ways in which mental health and wellness is perceived and addressed on the campus. This course will incorporate students and the UMD community as stakeholders in designing, planning and contributing to developing solutions that leverage existing mental health resources or create new pathways to improve mental health and wellness at UMD. Students will learn and use design thinking skills to enhance public health practice skills in project proposals and grant writing.  To ensure the safety of the students, my department has required that this course be offered online. I will still need to recruit students that are willing to participate in the course to serve as users for empathy interviews and testing prototypes. The students will be focused on how they can help UMD students feel connected during what will be a mostly remote learning experience this fall. 

Please contact Portia Buchongo at PBuchong@umd.edu if interested!