Monday, September 14, 2020

Kappa Omega Alpha Rush

KOA is open to students of all majors, whether they are public policy, government and politics or something completely different. We believe that all majors overlap in public policy in some way or another, so if you’re interested in learning more and getting involved with public policy, we’d love to have you rush KOA. 

Here is our rush schedule for this upcoming week:
Info Session #1: Thursday 9/17 @ 6
Info Session #2: Sunday 9/20 @ 2
Speed Dating: Tuesday 9/22 @ 7
Game Night: Thursday 9/24 @ 8
Service Workshop: Monday 9/28 @ 8
Transformation Workshop: Wednesday 9/30 @ 7

Our rush is going to be fully virtual, and all events will be through the Zoom ID: 919 2434 9453.
The rush requirements for this semester will be to attend 1 rush session and 2 events. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting this requirement, please email me at More information can be found on our website or our Instagram @koa.terps. General emails can be sent to

Thanks so much, and we hope to see you at our rush events!