Monday, October 26, 2020

Leadership Studies Courses & Minor/Certificate Applications


Leadership Studies Course Offerings - Winter & Spring 2021

Winter Courses Flyer | Spring Courses Flyer

From core leadership theory courses to a variety of electives on leadership in diverse contexts and communities, there’s something for everyone this winter and spring through Leadership Studies! New offerings include courses on leadership strengths and values, facilitating leadership training and development programs, and a 3-week version of our popular HESI 217 Introduction to Student Leadership course. You’ll also find our virtual global leadership course with our partners in Hong Kong, an exploration of power and privilege in leadership, the ever-popular leadership in film course, our graduate course on student leadership development, and much more! Many of our courses satisfy general education requirements and serve as upper-level electives. More details in the flyers linked above. Latest dates, times, and formats can be found on Testudo.

Earn a Minor or Certificate in Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies is a transdisciplinary academic program offering both minor and certificate options open to any undergraduate student at UMD regardless of major or home college/school. Students who are currently enrolled in or have already completed HESI 217 "Introduction to Student Leadership" are eligible to apply to earn a minor or certificate in Leadership Studies.  The application is available online and will be reviewed this fall on a rolling basis until November 13. Students are encouraged to apply early so they can receive notification of application acceptance prior to spring course scheduling. Haven’t taken HESI 217 yet? We are offering sections this winter and spring, so enroll now!


Check out our website for more information about the minor and certificate. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.