Wednesday, December 16, 2020

International Relations Officer Position with Department of Labor for December or Recent Grad

 Position closes December 28! Apply on USAJOBS - Job Announcement

This position is located in the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB), Office of International Relations and Economic Research (OIRER), in Washington DC.

- Additional selections may be made from this vacancy announcement.
- This position is located inside the bargaining unit.


OIRER is responsible for coordinating U.S. Government (USG) participation in the International Labor Organization, the labor components of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the G-7, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the US-EU relationship, the OAS, and the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor, and supporting USG activities on labor related issues in the UN and other international bodies; managing ILAB's foreign visitors program; and monitoring and providing expert advice on international labor standards.

This is an advanced developmental position that has promotion potential to the GS-13. The incumbent serves as an International Relations Officer under the general supervision of the Office Director or Deputy Director.

Duties Include:

Develops and evaluates knowledgeable analysis of Office issues and initiatives through study and monitoring of relevant legislation, bills, and proposed legislation regarding existing policy and standards, pertinent ILO and other international organizations standards and decisions, overseas developments, reports, cables, and other relevant documents, books, and articles, as well as discussions with foreign and U.S. officials, academic experts, trade union leaders, human rights and other non-governmental representatives, and business representatives. 

Formulates policy or program recommendations including coordinating and developing official positions on assigned program including developing budget requirements, preparing papers and briefing materials, and collaborating with other agencies, foreign counterparts, and others to ensure policies or programs respond to DOL and U.S. priorities and interests. Monitors labor developments and provides policy advice on labor issues in countries of importance to the U.S.

Develops and prepares in depth analysis of assigned issues at national, regional, and global levels to provide inputs for reports and other research projects as well as for the development of policies and programs. Coordinates policy and directives with other offices in ILAB, DOL, and other U.S. Government agencies. Makes recommendations for analysis to be performed under contract with private organizations or independent consultants and oversees the work of private consultants hired conduct research and analysis. 

Prepares relevant reports, papers, talking points, briefing books, memos, letters, proposals, and background papers, including Congressionally-mandated reports for the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Under Secretary, and others as directed.

Organizes and conducts extensive research and support activities for programs, initiatives, or international organizations assigned and prepares recommendations, reports, and briefings.

Applies a wide range of qualitative and/or quantitative methods to assess and improve program effectiveness as related to proposed legislation, proposed regulations, services and resources and/or agency guidance for projected impact on a wide range of Office issues.

Represents ILAB on international, interagency, and intra-agency working groups, committees, international meetings and conferences in the capacity of DOL or ILAB spokesperson to present and clarify DOL/U.S. policy related to the Office. 

The duties describe above are at the full performance level (GS-13).  If selected at the lower level (GS-11/ GS-12), selectee will perform similar duties with varying levels of supervision.