Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Part-Time Communications Job with M-NCPPC, Department of Parks and Recreation, Prince George’s County

 Scope of work 

  • Assist in all aspects of production for a wide variety of printed materials 
  • Monitor and manage incoming requests for graphics, videos, photography, create and maintain schedules, review job jackets for content 
  • Work with Graphics manager to create print bids, and create purchase orders for print jobs 
  • Review proofs for accuracy and traffic through internal and external review and proofing process 
  • Keep up with a rapidly changing work environment where priorities may shift from day-to-day 
  • Report on project status at a weekly production meeting and as needed 
  • Send printed materials to our internal print shop, review proofs, and bring finished print pieces back to our office. 


Desired qualifications

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, interest in learning new things, dependability, and responsiveness


Learning outcomes

  • Learn about how an award-winning fast passed Public Affairs and Marketing Department works. Better your skills with Adobe Creative Cloud, learn how to track and manage projects, work with a fun and innovative team. Have fun!
  • Gain government experience and how to provide quality service to residents.


Whether the positions will be remote, onsite, or a hybrid

  • Remote during COVID and a hybrid in the future

Stipend or travel allowance

  • Salary is $20-$25 an hour

Desired application materials, deadline, contact person's name, and email address

  • Ellen Walter, ellen.walter@pgparks.com
  • Please send resume, cover letter, and any sample of your student work
  • For best consideration, apply by December 31.



  • January through May with the possibility to extend through the summer and next year
[Students interested in earning academic credit for an internship should check with their departmental or college internship coordinator.]