Monday, January 25, 2021

Paid Remote Internship Opportunity: Being Different - Being Yourself

Paid Internship Opportunity (Remote)

Being Different – Being Yourself (LLC pending)

The Position: My organization, Being Different – Being Yourself (LLC pending), is seeking an intern in the field of Data Analysis and/or the Social Sciences to partner with the organization to conduct a national, statistically significant, survey targeted to those who society often look down upon because they are considered different.  

The Project: The intern will work with the organization’s founder to develop the questionnaire, determine and contact the target audiences, post the survey, collect the data, analyze the results, and draw conclusions based on the findings.  The above actions will take place during the Spring semester and conclude no later than May 2021. The position is virtual.  Communications will be conducted through phone or electronic means. 

Qualifications:  The selected candidate will demonstrate either academic and/or experiential proficiencies in the field of data analysis.  Interest in the Social Sciences is desirable.  The selected candidate must be reliable, persistent, trustworthy, personable, and goal oriented.  Competency in basic computer software, such as Microsoft Office, is required.  Additional software applications may need to be downloaded and learned.  Any additional costs will be absorbed by the business owner. Academic references and contact information are required.  

Compensation: There will be a stipend of $300 payable in three increments of $100; one each during the months of February, March, and April 2021. 

Academic Credit: Though beyond my scope of influence, the internship is designed to qualify for academic credit within the student’s chosen field of study.

Project Purpose: The survey information will be an integral part of various communications media to include a book, social media outreach, a website, blog, and podcast, along with speaking engagements, webinars, and seminars.

About: “Being Different…Being Yourself” is dedicated to empowering those who find it challenging to be accepted by so-called normal society because they are viewed as different.  Those who are different often include individuals with physical and mental challenges, parents of autistic children, members of the LBGTQ community, soldiers with PTSD, introverts suffering from severe social anxiety, and the elderly just to name a few.  Through the three principles of self-realization, transformation, and embracing purpose, those who are socially stigmatized learn not only to survive but thrive in an often-hostile world.  The foundation of this transformation is based on dozens of interviews with those who are considered different, years of research to include discussions with nationally recognized experts in human behavior, along with more than 50-years of my own observations and experiences.

To Apply: Submit your resume, cover letter, and references to

Contact Information: 
Express interest: Dan Diedriech, Email:
Cell Phone: (573) 826-7810

Disclaimer: The Feller Center is not endorsing this opportunity.