Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Spring and Summer Internship with Alfonso Lopez for Delegate (Virginia)

 If you are interested in: Re-electing progressive leader Alfonso Lopez

Able to commit 5-10 hours a week[

Interested in getting a firsthand look at the innerworkings of a political campaign? Join the team! 

This internship will offer: 

- Trainings on campaign finance, communications, and field work 

- Weekly calls with the Campaign Manager and the Delegate 

- Q&A's with Industry Professionals 

- Resume building and networking opportunities 

Apply via: https://forms.gle/jenY61w7yS6mTpNH8 

Please contact Andrew Bernucca (andrew@alfonsolopez.org) with any questions! 

[For questions about whether this internship will qualify for academic credit, consult your departmental or college internship coordinator.]