Friday, April 2, 2021

How Do I Get a Job in Archaeology These Days? CfMA Webinar

How Do I Get a Job in Archaeology These Days?

Thursday, April 8th, 7:00-8:30 pm | Register

This conversation with young professionals currently working in the field will explore the good, the bad, and ugly about pursuing archaeology as a career. We’ll discuss the benefits and pitfalls of an advanced degree, the power of your network, and the tenacity needed to stick with archaeology for the long haul. Come prepared with questions for employees of cultural resource management (CRM), government, archaeology labs, and academia.

Panelists: Dr. Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels, Cultural and Heritage Resource Management Program Chair, University of Maryland; Sarah Janesko, M.A.A., Assistant Project Manager, Veterans Curation Program; Katie Boyle, M.A.A., Cultural Resources Specialist, National Park Service C&O Canal National Historic Park; Brett Arnold, M.S., Project Archaeologist, Applied Archaeology & History Associates