Monday, May 3, 2021

Paid Department of Justice International Affairs Trainee (DOJ Pathways Intern)

 The Office of International Affairs returns fugitives to face justice, transfers sentenced persons to serve their sentences in their home countries, and obtains essential evidence for criminal investigations and prosecutions worldwide by working with domestic partners and foreign counterparts to facilitate the cooperation necessary to enforce the law, advance public safety, and achieve justice. As an International Affairs Trainee, your responsibilities may include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Reviewing high volumes of U.S. and foreign requests for extradition, mutual legal assistance, and prisoner transfer to ensure that required documents are translated, authenticated, and submitted in accordance with U.S. law and applicable treaty provisions.
  • Maintaining OIA's physical and electronic case records.
  • Referring requests to U.S. government agencies and attorney's offices to obtain the evidence requested from foreign authorities.
  • Analyzing documents received from foreign governments in criminal matters, including factual portions of legal assistance and extradition requests, often in source language.
  • Apply by May 6
  • Job Description:

  • Preparing clear and concise summaries of investigative reports, allegations, and facts in international criminal cases and prisoner transfer cases for attorney' review.
  • Utilizing open access legal databases to assist in gathering evidence (i.e. documents and investigative materials), and the U.S. Electronic Court Filing System (ECF) to conduct routine casework.
  • Using Microsoft Excel and other software applications to track treaty deadlines and prioritize cases.
  • Drafting proposed diplomatic correspondence for transmission to the Department of State and U.S. Embassy personnel.
  • Assisting attorneys and supervisors in drafting briefing papers for senior officials in preparation for bilateral and multilateral meetings with foreign counterparts.
  • Communicating with representatives of U.S. private sector entities regarding the service of subpoenas and to review evidence to ensure compliance with the U.S. legal process.
  • Communicating regularly with U.S. interagency and foreign counterparts regarding cases, meetings, or other significant developments.
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