Thursday, June 17, 2021

Student Videographer for UMD Libraries orientation project

 The University Libraries is seeking a student videographer to create a video orienting new staff to the Libraries. The videographer will:

  • Conduct and record interviews with specific staff members using questions and scripts provided by the Strategic Communications & Outreach Team;

  • Record appropriate B-roll for each interview;

  • Select appropriate music and audio;

  • Edit together the footage with titles identifying each speaker;

  • Insert opening and closing graphics provided by the graphic designer;

  • Work with the Strategic Communications & Outreach Team to incorporate their feedback and corrections throughout the creation of the video;

  • Prepare the video for posting and post it as directed; and

  • Possibly re-edit the same footage in different ways for different audiences.

This position requires:

  • Familiarity with audio and video recording equipment;

  • Comfort with conducting interviews; and

  • Fluency with Adobe Premiere for editing video and audio.

  • Experience with Adobe AfterEffects or other animation software is a plus

Hourly pay rate: $18

Please apply by sending a resume and a cover letter with links to sample video projects you have created to Rebecca Wilson: