Thursday, July 22, 2021

Research Assistant Positions with The Decision, Attention, and Memory Lab!

The DAM Lab conducts behavioral research focused on learning, memory, and decision making. Undergraduate researchers will work closely with a graduate student, post-doc, or faculty member in the lab on a specific project. In addition, to reach duties, students will complete a literature review and annotated bibliography in a research area of their choosing (within the scope of the lab). This literature review will motivate a research proposal that will serve as the final project. We 
also hold weekly lab meetings where students 
acquire a broad understanding of major theories 
and empirical findings relevant to learning, memory, 
and/or decision making.

-Data Collection
-Literature Review & Research Summaries
-Data Coding
-Meetings with Research Mentor
-Lab Meetings
-Research Proposal

-Interest in gaining hands-on research experience
-Interest in Cognitive Science
-Previously taken PSYC300 and/or PSYC341
-Ability to register for 9 hours/3 credits of PSCY479
-Please see department guidelines for other PSYC479 requirements

Please contact if you are interested in joining the lab!